The results may vary from person to person  

The following testimonials do not represent evidence but are the personal opinion of patients who have come for homeopathic treatment.

At the beginning of my 30s I started to get extremely bad migraines that would last for two to three days at a time, which would often result in vomiting and an inability to see properly.  I had tried all sorts of different medicines. Nothing seemed to work for me and I always lived in dread of the next attack.  One day, a friend told me that she too had suffered with migraines and had sought the advice of a homeopath.   I visited a homeopath and from the very first try of my remedy, I started to notice a difference in how I felt generally.  Then a few weeks later, I realised that I had not had a migraine attack since I started the homeopathy and from that day on, I have never had a migraine attack like the ones I used to. 

A few years later, in March 2007, I fell pregnant with my first child and from week 6 started to suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum (relentless nauseau and vomiting in pregnancy).  I was told by my ob gyn that there was nothing to be done – other than try to eat small portions and drink small gulps whenever I could to keep my strength up.  I lost almost 8 kilos in the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, was signed off work (taking a total of 3 months leave) and had to move back in with my parents so that they could look after me.  At 20 weeks I sought the help of my homeopath.  She recommended going back to my base remedy, trying different strengths over a course of a few days, depending on my reaction to it each time.  Lo and behold, the remedy started to work for me, once again, and I started to eat normally, regain a relatively healthy appetite and gain weight.  My healthy baby boy was born in December 2007.
A few years later, hoping for another baby, I went to see Lucinda to  seek guidance. She provided me with remedies in order to prepare myself and my body for another pregnancy.  We discussed the issue of hyperemesis returning for a second time and she was able to reassure me that, if it did come back, we could once again try to resolve it with homeopathic remedies.  Then when I fell pregnant in August 2012, I did indeed start to get extreme nausea and vomiting around week six.   Lucinda followed me closely over the next few weeks, guiding me  to find the right remedy and potency. I can honestly say that I am still amazed at how effective homeopathy was for me, once again, as I only suffered with regular morning sickness, from time to time with hardly any vomiting.  Now at 28 weeks pregnant, I have so far maintained a healthy appetite and have continued to work.  This pregnancy has been completely different to my first, thanks to homeopathy.  I intend to seek guidance from Lucinda closer to the delivery as I am sure there is a suitable protocol to help me prepare for that too.
Once again, I cannot say enough about how effective, gentle and safe homeopathy has been for me and would strongly recommend it (and frequently do!)
JV Geneva

Lucinda's peaceful, calm and caring manner has enabled me to achieve a deeper self-awareness that has been invaluable on my journey towards greater health. At all times, I have felt completely safe and looked after and have been able to work with the remedies she has prescribed, stepping into a sense of well-being that I have been previously unable to achieve. She combines generosity of spirit, an extensive knowledge of homeopathy and intuitive understanding and, as a result of her treatments, I am moving forward into a far greater positivity on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have the greatest respect for her as a person and a professional and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.   

LR  South Oxfordshire

I could not have got through my first pregnancy without the help of Lucinda – I suffer terribly with hayfever, and that particular year was the worst I had ever known it and as I was in the early stages of pregnancy, there was nothing I could take to alleviate the symptoms that would be detrimental to the health of my baby.  I turned to Lucinda at that point and she issued me with my first remedy.  Within a few hours, I was a different person and could have hugged her for the difference she made.  That was the beginning of a wonderful and very beneficial relationship with Lucinda and her healing touch.

The second very powerful and life-changing impact she had was when I took my baby boy to see her.  From 3 weeks old he had struggled against horrendous eczema that covered his body and kept us all awake through the night.  We had tried everything, but nothing had had a significant impact.  There was barely a single patch of skin that wasn’t raw, red, itchy or wet with eczema.  I finally took him to Lucinda, who assessed him and gave us a remedy to help – she warned us to be patient and to stop all the other antihistamine, steroidal and topical treatments while we gave this a chance.  We started the treatment and initially things did worsen, but in the second week he seemed to heal before our eyes and over a 24 hour period went from being completely covered in eczema, to having faint redness where the eczema had been.  If I hadn’t witnessed it directly, I would have struggled to believe that the effects could have been so dramatic.  From that point on, I have turned to Lucinda numerous times over the years for help with a variety of issues be it coughs and colds, tummy upsets and illnesses or longer lasting issues related to depression and grief.

Lucinda is an extraordinary woman, who has a very special talent in this field.  I would trust her completely with anything I was dealing with and have felt the positive results time and time again.  I have recommended her to many of my friends and family and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her further still.

BP  South Oxfordshire

I have been receiving homeopathic treatment for the last 12 years and due to moving around quite a bit within the UK, I have had several homeopaths over the years.  Lucinda is now my current homeopath and I can genuinely say that in the last two years or so that I have been receiving treatment from Lucinda, I have seen many more positive effects and improvements on my health than I have in the previous 10 years.  Thanks to Lucinda’s abilities to fully understand me from a homeopathic view and prescribe very effective remedies I have felt better than ever and have finally been able to conceive and am now expecting my first child!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucinda if you’re looking for a great homeopath, in addition to a very warm and caring person.

BR   Oxford

When I first saw Lucinda I was only able to eat a little mashed potato and take very small sips of water. Eating and drinking was extremely painful.  This had started after going out for a meal.  I had no energy. I was unable to work and felt sick and dizzy.  The medicines I had been given by the doctor and specialist had resulted in my condition getting worse. I lost alot of weight extremely fast.  I had to give up my job, because I could not concentrate.  I did not  have any strength because I was unable to eat. It was a vicious circle which thankfully Lucinda has helped break.
When I first went to see Lucinda I gave the same list of symptoms as I did to the doctor and the specialist.  Within a fortnight of taking the homeopathic remedies my energy had started to improve and I could eat a small selection of foods.  I continued to make small improvements and eat a wider variety of food. We have worked together and after five months I was able to return to full time employment.  I can now eat most foods and go out to a restaurant to eat, something I never thought I would be able to do.   My stomach still flares up occasionally as I am still introducing new foods back into my diet.
Without Lucinda's care, professionalism and diligence I would not be here because I was fading fast.  I know this is hard to believe but when you go from being able to eat most things to virtually nothing within a week it is a very scary place to be.  My family and I are very thankful to Lucinda for returning me to full health and I would not have any hesitation in recommending Lucinda.

SBW  Oxford

  The results may vary from person to person