The following statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinions of people whom homeopathy has helped. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions.


Lucinda is an extraordinary woman, who has a very special talent in this field.  I would trust her completely with anything I was dealing with and have felt the positive results time and time again.  I have recommended her to many of my friends and family and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her further still.

BP  Wheatley


Lucinda’s peaceful, calm and caring manner has enabled me to achieve a deeper self-awareness that has been invaluable on my journey towards greater health. At all times, I have felt completely safe and looked after and have been able to work with the remedies she has prescribed, stepping into a sense of well-being that I have been previously unable to achieve. She combines generosity of spirit, an extensive knowledge of homeopathy and intuitive understanding and, as a result of her treatments, I am moving forward into a far greater positivity on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have the greatest respect for her as a person and a professional and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

LR  Little Milton


I came to see Lucinda to see if she could help with my worsening PMS symptoms following the birth of my children.  I wanted to try a more natural approach to dealing with the negative effects of my monthly cycle.  My PMS symptoms have now significantly  improved.  Having had such a positive experience I asked Lucinda if she could help my daughter who has suffered from a wheezy chest since she was 2 years old and had been prescribed Ventolin and steroid inhalers.  She now no longer needs to use either of her inhalers.

I’d never been to see a homepath before coming to see Lucinda, so I didn’t know what to expect. Lucinda put me at ease with her friendly, calm and non judgemental approach.  She has a great wealth of knowledge about homeopathy and has been very dedicated in helping me and my family.  She has always made herself available to provide advice which is something I found extremely reassuring when dealing with my daughter’s wheezy chest symptoms.

SC Garsington


I have experienced huge shifts in my life since working with Lucinda and the homeopathic remedies. I have a whole range of issues that we have worked with during the last two years and all of them have lessened to a large degree. I feel much more resilient and robust, and more able to contemplate some of the life challenges that felt beyond me 2 years ago. I would highly recommend homeopathy to anyone with an open mind and an understanding that the roots of physical problems lie in the deeper layers of the human experience. My experience of the homeopathic remedies have often been very subtle, but they have always been powerful and effective. It’s also very important that they are prescribed by someone like Lucinda who knows which ones to pick and when.

JK  Oxford


I have been using homeopathy for 20 years to help with both physical and emotional problems and have always found it helpful.  I think a lot depends on finding a good homeopath who will do a thorough assessment to find the right remedy for you. Lucinda does this. She is skilled at eliciting information and manages to ask all the right questions, whilst being sensitive, supportive and compassionate, so that she can find the remedy that will fit best with your constitution and help with your symptoms.  She works collaboratively with you and always discusses options and offers follow up support to ensure the best outcome.  I highly recommend her.

AC Oxford


I found my treatment very helpful due to the in-depth and holistic analysis of my problem which I had had for several years. The improvement has been a great relief to me. I can recommend Lucinda.

PB Oxford


I have been receiving homeopathic treatment for the last 12 years and due to moving around quite a bit within the UK, I have had several homeopaths over the years.  Lucinda is now my current homeopath and I can genuinely say that in the last two years or so that I have been receiving treatment from Lucinda, I have seen many more positive effects and improvements on my health than I have in the previous 10 years.  Thanks to Lucinda’s abilities to fully understand me from a homeopathic view and prescribe very effective remedies I have felt better than ever and have finally been able to conceive and am now expecting my first child!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucinda if you’re looking for a great homeopath, in addition to a very warm and caring person.

BR   Long Wittenham


Once again, I cannot say enough about how effective, gentle and safe homeopathy has been for me and would strongly recommend it (and frequently do!).

JV Geneva

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